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The Crowd Favorites

Light ’n Go Bonfire Log

The Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log creates a beautiful bonfire with just one match. No chemicals, just pure kiln-dried beautiful white birch with a paperboard firestarter.

Light ’n Go Lighterballs

Light ‘n Go Lighterball is a powerful firestarter that is easy and convenient! It lights wood and charcoal with a powerful 10" flame using no paper or kindling and burns for 15 minutes, even in the rain.

European Whole White Birch

European Whole White Birch is hand selected for décor. Cut in winter for bright white bark and dried to perfection, these logs are brushed clean of debris and are just too pretty to burn.

Light ’n Go Alder Wood Kindling

Light ‘n Go Alder Wood Kindling lights with one match and starts your fire quickly and easily. Alder Wood is shaved into thin sheets, then thoroughly dried, before it is packaged. It is designed and produced to be the best kindling on the market.

Our Flames Don't Lie

Eco Forest products are the finest firewood on the market. They outperform the competition, create beautiful flames and are chemical-free.

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Perfect products for the perfect fire



Helping you create a beautiful glow that brings everyone together around the fire.

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Meet Simon & Flamez!

Follow the quirky adventures of our trusty mascots Simon & Flamez.

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the good word

“If you want a fire that gives you a nice big flame, that’s safe to cook on and last for hours Eco Forest is the product for you.”

- Jake, New Jersey

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